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Refereed Journals

Lau S., Ting, A.L. and Loh, P. S. 2001 . Heavy metal contamination in Tasik Biru, Bau Sarawak. Paper presented at the 9th Asian Chemical Congress, 2-7 July 2001, Brisbane, Australia.

Lau, S. and Murtedza, M. 2000. Water quality indicators for river monitoring - a case study for Sg. Sarawak. Proceedings of Environmental Indicators Seminar for River Quality and Waste Management. (4 April 2000, Kuching) pp.2-28

Lau, S. and Loh, P.S. 2000. Environmental biomonitoring: The possibility of using preserved biological specimen. Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences, Vol.4. (In-press)

Lau, S., Sim, S.F., Chow, O.W., Jee, N.H and Chin, S. P. 1999. Heavy metal contents in some local fruits. Proceeding of Malaysian Chemical Congress'99.

Lau, S., Murtedza, M., Tan, C.Y.A and Sabtuyah, S. 1998. Accumulation of heavy metals in freshwater molluscs, Sci. Total Environment, 214:113 - 121

Lau, S., Murtedza, M. dan Sabtuyah, S. 1996. Logam Berat Di Dalam Sedimen Sebagai Penyurih Kepada Punca Pencemaran Di Sungai Sarawak, Malaysian J. Analytical Sciences 2 (2):365-371

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Research Interest

The complexity in the environmental systems requires multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary efforts to study and understand them. Environmental components may be generally divided into four main components; the hydrosphere, lithosphere, biosphere and the atmosphere. My main interest lies in the hydrosphere and its interaction with lithosphere and the biosphere. The impacts of agriculture on a watershed with respect to the water quality, water yield and the transportation of contaminants are my main study areas. The study on the water quality and hydrology of Sg. Sarawak are being conducted to assess the direct impacts from the construction and operation of the Sg. Sarawak Barrage.

Environmental monitoring is another area vigorously pursued. Specifically, the research is focusing on developing monitoring methodologies, such as sediment analysis for heavy metal monitoring, biomonitoring using freshwater mollusc species and speciation of metals in the environment. Methods for pesticide residues analysis in agriculture produce are being developed.

Modification of rivers and rapid urbanization within a river basin have increased the potential of eutrophication in some of Sarawak waterways. Study on the nutrients interaction between sediment and aqueous phases is progressing well and it is hoped that a model on the nutrients levels in Sg. Sarawak will be developed soon.


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