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Research Interests

Research activities

My research interests are in the field of plant tissue culture and molecular biology. Biotechnological techniques are applied to supplement conventional methods for the improvement of plant species for sustainable utilization. By using tissue culture technology, plant species which are difficult to propagate by conventional methods or where conventional methods are inadequate to meet the demand of planting material, can be facilitated. Besides that, my research backgrounds are also involved in detection of plant virus in cocoa (Cacao swollen shoot virus) with PCR technique and virus elimination in cocoa through somatic embryogenesis technique.

Selected Publications

  • Rebicca, E. and Wetten, A. (2010) Electron microscopic evidence for plasmodesmata in embryogenic tissues of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.). Proceedings of the 16th International Cocoa Research Conference (ISBN 978-065-959-5) pp 689- 695.
  • Rebicca, E; H.B. Sani, P. Boyce, and S.L. Sim. (2006) Micropropagation of Globba atrosanguinea Teijsm, & Binn. And Globba brachyanthera K. Schum. 4th International Symposium on Family of Zingerberaceae, September 2006. Singapore.

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