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Refereed Journals

A. N. Cammidge, S. Downing, Z. Ngaini (2003). Surface-functionalised nano-beads as novel supports for organic synthesis, Tetrahedron Letters, Volume 44, Issue 35, 6633-6634 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 6633-6634 end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Z. Ngaini, M.G. Tay, N. Sahari, N. Ismail, (2006), Etherification Studies On Chalcones Derivatives, International Conference for Young Scientist, 25-27 May 2006, USM, Penang

Z. Ngaini and N. Sahari, (2005), Efficient method for synthesis of liquid crystals compound libraries using novel polymer triflate equivalents, First USM LCRL-Japan Liquid Crystals Colloquium’ 1-2 Dec 2005, USM, Penang

A. N. Cammidge and Z. Ngaini (2004), A novel solid-phase equivalent to the triflate group and its application to traceless linking and cross-coupling-release strategies, Chem. Commun., (17), 1914 – 1915

Rosemal H. Mas, Salah M. Al-Shukri, S. C. Loo, Z. Ngaini, E. K. Lim (2002). Fire-Retardant Rubber Derivatives: Preparation And Characterization Of Phosphazene-Modified Natural Rubber. Malaysian Chemical Congress 2002, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

R.H. Mas, S.C. Loo and Z. Ngaini (1996). Cyclotriphosphazenes As Pendant Group To Natural Rubber Network. 36th IUPAC International Symposium On Macromolecules, 4-9th August 1996, Hotel Inter-Continental, Seoul, Korea.

Mas, R.H. and Z. Ngaini (1993). Incorporation Of Chlorocyclotriphosphazene Onto Natural Rubber Network Via meta-Aminophenol. Symposium On Tropical Natural Resources, UNIMAS, 6-8 December 1993, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
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Research Interest

My research interest is to develop efficient methodology for solution and solid-phase combinatorial chemistry for the preparation of novel small molecule libraries. A solid-phase version of the ‘triflate group’ has been developed and demonstrated in traceless linking of aromatics and cross-coupling release strategies to afford series of liquid crystals compound libraries. The ease of preparation, excellent stability and synthetic versatility of the method would furnish broad applications in liquid crystals synthesis. My research is also focusing on the synthesis and characterization of new materials such as liquid crystals with inherent fire retardant properties for commercial applications.

In addition, my research is also focusing on the synthesis and modification of drugs from natural sources. In the search for new drugs, synthetic methods can complement natural products that are difficult to isolate in sufficient quantities. Total synthesis of natural products can sometimes improve and enhance the essential active features of a natural product itself.


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