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Department of Plant Science and Environmental Ecology offers undergraduate programme, Bachelor of Science with Honours (Plant Resource Science and Management) which obtained accreditation in 1993. This programme provides a comprehensive knowledge and skill in management needed for sustainable and conservation of plant resources in agriculture, forestry, landscape and biotechnology sectors to ensure sufficient human capital to address the need of the country or else where.

These sectors have been identified as an important economic generating revenue towards achieving the Malaysia’s vision 2020 of becoming a develop nation. With the current implementation and initiative of the National Economic Key Areas (NKEAs) in which agriculture and plantation sectors are identified as one of the 12 key areas, increase of job opportunity in the broad spectrum in these sectors are inevitable. These opportunities will be of great advantage for students opting to this programme to establish their carrier in the related field of plant science and plantation management. It is our ultimate aim to educate and impart students not only with the above knowledge but also softskill, interpersonal development and capabilities as a self preparation for them to meet the current global and workforce challenges.

National and international students are MOST WELCOME to join our programme. Other than the knowledge gain students will have the great experience with the diverse traditional cultures and ethnics during their stay at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). Sarawak is also located strategically in Borneo, which is well known for its world great mega biodiversity and we have plenty and diverse plant species needed to be explored, studied and appreciated for mankind.


Dr Mohd Effendi Wasli

Head of Department



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