Vision and Mission

Mission and Vision of UNIMAS



To become an exemplary university of internationally acknowledged stature and a scholarly institution of choice for both students and academics through the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and scholarship.


To generate, disseminate and apply knowledge strategically and innovatively to enhance the quality of the nation's culture and prosperity of its people.


Vision, Mission and Aims of Faculty of Social Sciences



Faculty of Social Sciences aspires to be a renowned centre of social science studies both nationally and internationally.



1. To attain an outstanding level of teaching, learning and researching in the field of social sciences. 

2. To instill the spirit of striving towards excellence and integrity in pursuing social science knowledge and research. 

3. To contribute to societal and national development in an intellectual context.



The main aims of the Faculty are to:

1. Train and produce graduates in various disciplines of social science armed with critical thinking and analytical skills who possess skills in application of information technology and communication (ICT).

2. Offer postgraduate programmes in certain fields.

3. Establish a conducive environment for research and publication that support quality teaching and learning.



To achieve those aims, the objectives of the faculty are to:

1. Train all the faculty’s academic staff to PhD level.

2. Offer contemporary and applied courses in order to produce quality graduates.

3. Actively participate in academic research and publication.

4. Establish relationships between academic research and postgraduate programmes.

5. Establish intellectual and research collaboration with institutions of higher learning, government and non-government bodies both within and outside the country.



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