Department of Development Studies


The department of Development Studies was set up with the aim of grouping fellow academicians in the Faculty of Social Sciences who have similar discipline or area of interest (i.e. development studies). The grouping of individuals with similar interest will help to boost research activities in the common areas of interest. Research activities would focus and examine the problems, processes, and prospects for the development of human and material resources in what is generally thought to be the less developed areas of the world. Specifically the department has identified several key areas such as development planning, environmental issues, economic development, industrial labour issues, community and rural development, international development, urbanisation as well as gender and poverty studies.

Among others, the functions of the department include:

  • Determine and set directions for the development and  enhancement of group activities in the department;
  • Plan and implement teaching, research and service activities within development studies discipline;
  • Develop and offer courses that can be managed as the  department’s contribution to any undergraduate & graduate programmes within the faculty or in other faculties; and
  • Organise and carry out research projects in the areas/ discipline of development studies.


Research Activities

The department’s research niche area is “Social Transformation in Borneo”. Two key or focus areas are urbanisation and community development. The focus areas may be expanded in the future if and when necessary.

Programme Offered

Development Planning and Management Programme

Industrial Relations and Labour Studies Programme

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