Department of Anthropology and Sociology


Sociology and Anthropology as academic disciplines are concerned with the study of human life - how we are shaped by the world around us as well as how we shape and construct the social and cultural world in which we live. Using a range of theoretical perspectives and research methods, both disciplines seek to understand, explore and analyse social structures, social processes and cultural patterns in diverse human societies, past and present. These theoretical perspectives and research methods foster a more informed outlook and critical thinking to bear on contemporary social issues such as inequality and marginalisation, social and cultural transformation, globalisation, ecology and environmental issues, development and sustainability.

Guided by the universals of sociology and anthropology, while at the same time mindful of its specific location, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology aspires to become one of the leading centres for sociological and anthropological studies in the region, with focus on social transformation in Borneo. It aims to promote the disciplines through the teaching and learning of several undergraduate programmes, research and publication, and community engagement.


The Department aspires to:

  • Concentrate on the development and application of sociological and anthropological knowledge in dealing with social issues, particularly in Borneo;
  • Provide students with relevant theoretical approaches and tools in sociology and anthropology to develop their understanding of human societies at local, regional and international level.
  • Create extensive networks with various institutions and agencies locally and internationally to share and advance the knowledge in order to address social issues and engage with social change.

The department has devoted its research and publication, as well as promotion of postgraduate studies in the following areas:

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity, Identity & Belief Systems
  • Indigenous Knowledge
  • Borneo Ethnography
  • Heritage Studies


Programme Offered

Anthropology and Sociology Programme

Social Work Studies Programme


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