Concept and Rationale

The Anthropology and Sociology program offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences, UNIMAS is designed to introduce students to a variety of theories, concepts and perspectives that inform the studies of anthropology and sociology. Its teaching and learning strategies are directed and relevant to the communities in Sarawak particularly, and Borneo as a whole. This approach helps to explore the themes of cultural diversity and social aspects that are unique to the societies in Borneo. Furthermore, students will be challenged to deploy critical reasoning and methodology when examining and debating contemporary issues such as globalisation, inequality, marginalisation, social transformation, sustainable development and environment.

Through engagement with these approaches, the program aims to produce graduates who are analytically competent and sensitive to current problems. Graduates in the discipline will have a firm grounding in the research specialization namely of Gender, Ethnicity and Belief System and Indigenous Knowledge. Overall, the program is set to become a forefront of anthropological and sociological studies and research on Borneo.

Program Learning Outcomes

After graduating from this program, the students are able to:

  • Describe, define and differentiate the principles and concepts of Anthropology and Sociology.
  • Prepare, interpret and analyze Anthropological and Sociological data during fieldwork.
  • Communicate efficiently with stakeholders.
  • Apply knowledge and skills in problem solving and decision making in any fields engaged in.
  • Act professionally in the field they are engaged in and be responsible in helping with development in accordance to the social, community and global needs.
  • Apply knowledge gained and plan for continuous knowledge enhancement in facing global challenges.
  • Portray specific skills and plan for the future especially in matters related to entrepreneurship.
  • Show consistency in attitude and aspiration, with high ethical value.
  • Display awareness towards the diversity of culture and be responsible socially, in leadership practices and also in daily conversations and at national level. 

Course Offered


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