Department of Communication


The Department of Communication, University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), situated at the Borneo Island, Sarawak, East Malaysia with its diverse ethnicities and cultures, offer students a unique life-learning experience.

The department provides opportunities to those who are interested to further their studies in the field of communication and media at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The department endeavors to provide the best educational and professional trainings to equip students with contemporary knowledge and skills in this fast developing and evolving field. Grounded in social sciences approaches, our curriculum is structured within growing, competing and inter/multi-disciplinary academic perspectives.

The department’s multi-disciplinary and diversely trained academic staff with holistic outlook is fully cognizant of global demands for educational excellence. The energetic and vibrant academics are currently engaged in a myriad of research activities. Several key areas of research have been identified but not limited to:

  • Media, culture and society
  • Risk and crisis communication
  • Communication, media and organisation
  • Media and identity
  • Audience reception studies
  • New media
  • Globalisation and media
  • Communication policies and industries
  • Mediamorphosis and mediation
  • Media anthropology
  • Political communication
  • Visual communication

Thus our academic programme is tailored to both theoretical and practical competencies which prepares our graduates for future employment upon graduation.

Our graduates are currently employed as public relations professionals, journalists, media and communication specialists by private and public organisations. Some of our graduates have furthered their studies and are currently working as academics at institutions of higher learning.


Programme Offered

Communication Programme


Department of Communication

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