Department of Politics and International Relations


The department combines the two disciplines of International Relations and Politics and Government Studies. Both are an increasingly important academic disciplines. Political issues and happenings change from time to time, and this department will brave the wave of change and research its impact and processes towards political institutions  and agents  in the present context. Political Science is the systematic study of how political values, both positive and negative, are allocated among individuals, groups, socio-economic classes, regions, and nation-states. Meanwhile the emergence  of the “global village” requires a proper  understanding of the linkages between nations and culture in this new world. No state can avoid from being integrated into a universal and interdependent world system. The department aims to expose students to the practical aspect of International Relations and offers a holistic and practical approach to the study of political science. It equips students with analytical tools to understand the complex political issues and relationships of the contemporary era. It is also designed to accommodate a range of professional and intellectual needs. The members of the department also conduct research based on niche areas. One of the niche areas is political culture and change in Borneo, specifically to explore the evolving developments in Sabah and Sarawak.


Programme Offered

International Studies Programme

Politics and Government Programme

Department of Politics and International Relations

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