The Institute of Design & Innovation (InDI) was initially known as the Institute of Design and Ergonomic Application (IDEA) which was incorporated back in October1996. In keeping with the thrust of the university of being at the forefront of innovation, it was decided that IDEA would take on a bigger role and thus was renamed as the Institute of Design & Innovation (InDI) on 1st March 2011. InDI took a major step forward in providing a platform for multidisciplinary experts from the University for a High Quality Research in design and innovation thus transforming all creative ideas into innovative products with highly marketable quality and commercialization.

InDI is responsible for developing an authentic and reliable research in design and innovation. Thus, all of InDI’s activities maintain a clear focus and here, we practice exactly what we preach, and there a wide variety of projects, conferences and workshops for aspiring professionals, experts, researchers and students to develop their skills and interests. At InDI, our aim is simple to inspires our professionals, researchers and students, and create an exciting yet supportive environment in which to invent and generate creative ideas through design and innovation. We believe that high quality research and excellence design and innovation activities are the foundations of a successful institution and university in general.

We are passionate about providing the opportunity for all to embark on an inventing journey. InDI’s approach to the provision of globally relevant education and research moves beyond existing higher education assumptions. Key to our success is the integration of project-based learning and co-op placements to ensure all knowledge is practical and relevant and exposed to the latest ideas, concepts and theories to the industry that are widely respected and relevant to the contemporary business environment.

We pride ourselves on our excellent support services, designed to support researchers and students of all ages, nationalities and abilities both in and outside the university. It will be an exciting time to be part of InDI as we are designed as the gateway to your success!

“Inspire Towards Excellence”



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Last update on : 9-Apr-2014