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Client Charter & Achievements

Client Charter & Achievements

No. Statement
Measurement Method
Frequency of Reporting
% Achievements Department
 1 To ensure that the offer letter for admission of new students can be downloaded from the UNIMAS website        Three (3) days after the 'Mesyuarat Pemilihan Bersama IPTA/KPT'' Every intake session 100%  BPPs
2 To ensure that all relevant information on new students can be downloaded from UNIMAS website Three (3) days after the intake result is announced Every intake session  100%
 3 To ensure student enrollment and course information be informed to students   One (1) semester in advance Before semester begin  80%
 4 To ensure that the work schedule for the evaluation process is adhered to by the Faculty / Centre and they should be inform One (1) semester in advance Before semester begin  80%
 5 To guarantee the semester results be notified to the student One (1) day after the Senate approval Every Semester  80%
 6 To guarantee the degree and transcripts of graduates can be claimed immediately    After their convocation ceremony Yearly  -
 7 To ensure the student is provided with a confirmation letter Less than one (1) hour from the time of application Yearly  60%
 8 To ensure feedback for applications other than letters of confirmation Three (3) working days from the date of application Yearly  60%
 9 To provide feedback to the client One (1) day or within any other reasonable period Yearly 60%
 10 To ensure that all letters and complaints been taken upon Three (3) working days OR within other reasonable period Yearly 65%
 11 To ensure the readiness of all fundamental systems     At least 95% operational time per year  Yearly  80% PKTMK
 12 To provide feedback for each complaint or application through ICT Service Desk services     Within one (1) working hour after the complaint or application is received Yearly 80%
 13 To solve all hardware repair works which do not require dependency on vendor services.     Five (5) working days  Yearly  70%
 14 To provide technical support services to achieve customer satisfaction.     At least 80% satisfaction  Yearly  60%
 15 To hold knowledge sharing activities dan ICT exposure     At least five (5) times a year  Yearly  75%
 16 To ensure feedbacks on the proposals for the acquisition of knowledge resources are given     Three(3) working days Yearly  100% CAIS   
 17 To ensure that all subscribed electronic resources can be accessed     24 working hours upon receipt of the notices from the suppliers/publishers Yearly 100%
 18 To ensure that at least 85% of knowledge resources received through purchase can be accessed by users     Within twenty one (21) to thirty (30) working days upon receipt from Knowledge Resources Development Unit Quarterly 100%
 19 To ensure each check-in and check-out process of books at the Circulation Counter can be done within One (1) minute, subject to availability of Information and Communication Technology System  Yearly  100%
 20 To ensure internal inter library loan requests are fulfilled      85% fulfilled  Twice a year  74.5 %
 21 To ensure all electronic resources can be accessed 24X7 subjected to Information and Communication Technology System  Yearly  100%
 22 To ensure feedback to the customers’ information needs are provided   Two (2) working days  Yearly  100%
 23 To ensure participants for each Information Literacy session are satisfied    85% satisfaction  Quarterly  100%
 24 To ensure at least 85% of customers are satisfied with our services and facilities 85% satisfaction Yearly 100%
 25 To release results of Study Leave application after Study Leave Committee meeting the meeting of the Committee on Study Leave Seven (7) days  Yearly 100% BPMI
 26 To issue a letter of sponsorship deals to staff after receive notification from JPA Seven (7) days  Yearly 100%

To inform approval of the amended provided sponsorship condition

Seven (7) days after receive feedback from JPA or Study Leave Committee meeting  Yearly Dalam proses
 28 To provide information / clarification regarding training and sponsorship policy Fourteen (14) days Yearly 100%
 29 To provide feedback related to funding and training Seven (7) days Yearly 100%
 30 To arrange payment of scholarships and sponsorship facilities such as allowances, fees and the claims within and outside the country Fourteen (14) days Yearly 100%
 31 To arrange payment of scholarships and sponsorship facilities such as airline tickets Thirty (30) days Yearly 100%
 32 To arrange payment of scholarships and sponsorship facilities such as a letter of agreement Fourteen (14) days  Yearly 100%
 33 To issuing invitations to attend training  Fourteen (14) days before training  Yearly 100%
 34 To get nomination of participants for training Thirty (30) days  Yearly 100%

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