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Logo Rationale



The overall theme reflects the University's commitment to knowledge and excellence. The tree a symbol of growth and knowledge stands alo for the natural resources of Sarawak and Malaysia their diverse ethnic groups and cultures. The clasped hands symbolize unity in diversity a concern for the environment and society as well as the exploitation and optimization of new and useful knowledge in development. Together the hands and the tree form the letter 'S' for Sarawak. Selected colours: Blue and red symbolise the integration of education and technology while golden yellow reflects quality nd excellence in both human resource development and services.

UNIMAS logo is available here.

UNIMAS logo.eps | UNIMAS logo.png
UNIMAS logo horizontal.eps| UNIMAS logo horizontal.png

UNIMAS Visual Identity


UNIMAS has been using a rounded-shaped coat of arms monogram logo since its early days of establishment in 1992, across all communication touch points; stationery, official merchandise, official , signposting etc. In order to move forward with current trends and time,  in line with its slogan "Contemporary and Forward Looking', UNIMAS needs a brand visual identity that has a fresh and contemporary outlook, without altering the original form of the university monogram logo. The UNIMAS Visual Identity is introduced, which enhances the layout,  composition and presentation of the official logo.  The new visual identity also replaces the official font, Century Schoolbook, to Base. The visual identity intends to present a global, connected, internationally visible and competitive outlook for the university.  

UNIMAS Visual Identity logo is available here.

UNIMAS Visual Identity.png | UNIMAS Visual Identity.ai | UNIMAS Visual Identity.eps

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