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Public Talk – “The State of the Net”

on 08 June 2015.


Kota Samarahan, 8 May 2015 - A public talk session titled “The State of the Net” was conducted at Bilik Seminar 1 (BS1), Central Teaching Facility 4 (CTF4), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak recently. 

The speaker for the talk is Mr Goh Su Gim, whom is a Security Advisor who represents F-Secure in the Asia Pacific region, where he is actively involved in activities that raise public awareness of the IT threat landscape.

He can be found giving talks in conferences, and acting as a liaison between the public and the local F-Secure office in Kuala Lumpur.

He stays on top of the latest IT security related news, blogs about the latest threats and attacks or interesting findings from the F-Secure Labs, and provides advisories to the general public and media should there be any virus outbreak.

The objective of the talk is to provide awareness on the latest threat to the general public in term of IT threat  landscape  in  Malaysia,  hacking  horror  stories,  and privacy,  the  biggest  concern  today  for individuals and enterprise dealing with secrets that should be kept secret.

Close to 100 people attended the talk session, comprising of students, lecturers, and also the general public.

 The public talk is part of a series of talk organized by the Faculty of Computer Science & IT, as part of the faculty initiative to invite experts from the industry for knowledge sharing session and to forge closer relationship  with  the  industries  player.

 It  is  hoped  that  the  students  and  lecturers  will  acquire  the knowledge and exposure to enable them to be up to date with the latest development of IT security threats in the industry.

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