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FCSIT, UNIMAS FYP Symposium 2015

on 17 June 2015.


FCS dg2


KOTA SAMARAHAN, 17 June 2015 : The FCSIT (Faculty of Computer Science & IT, UNIMAS) Final Year Project Symposium 2015 has been officially launched by the Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Yang Berbahagia Prof Dato Dr. Mohamad Kadim bin Suaidi, recently at the Teaching Lab 2, Faculty of Computer Science and IT, UNIMAS.
The objective of the 3 days FCSIT FYP Symposium is to showcase the Final Year Projects from the students of the faculty. 
The symposium includes project exhibition (poster and product demonstration), and presentation by students as the final year project is one of the important milestone in our curriculum whereby the students have to use and apply the knowledge that they have gained for the past 4 years to design and develop a fully functional system. 
The Final Year project spans 2 semesters, whereby in the first semester the students have to design the proposed system and in the second semester, the students have to develop and implement the system. 
This semester, there are 173 FYP2 projects and 36 FYP1 projects, which can be categorized under several areas such as (1) Mobile Apps, (2) Web-based application, (3) Hardware based project, and (4) Full Research projects. 
It has been a challenging two semesters with the project, and it is hoped that apart from the academic aspect of the project, students would have also learned about time management, catching deadlines, dealing with client and supervisor. 
For this year symposium, representatives from the industry are also invited to visit the exhibits. The presence of representative from the industry is important to ensure that there is a collaboration between the faculty and the industry. 
It is hoped that the industry will collaborate further with the faculty in term of providing real world project to the students, and to work together to commercialize potential projects.
The symposium is fully organized by the final year students themselves, led by Mr Henry Chan, whom is the Chairman of the organizing committee, and also final semester student from the Multimedia Program in the faculty. 
Beside their hectic study schedule, they have managed to successful planned and execute the symposium opening ceremony successfully, and have learned about event management, catching with deadlines, and dealing with people.
As a conclusion, the FYP Symposium is a success, and it is hoped that students have gained invaluable lessons and experience that will benefit them when they enter the job market in very near future.


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