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Unimas to stage theatre adapted from folklore

on 01 Mac 2010.

KUCHING: Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) Experiment Theatre of the Applied and Creative Arts Faculty (FSGK) will be staging a theatre named ‘Bangsawan Periuk Kera Ajaib’, an adaptation from a local folklore. The play which was written and directed by Vanitha Abdul was made possible with the collaboration of the various academic staff in FSGK such as music, cinematography, arts management, visual arts and architectural technology.

The ‘Bangsawan Periuk Kera Ajaib’ (Bangsawan) theatre is part of a research led by Dr Nur Afifah Vanitha Abdullah titled ‘Technology Intervention in the Preservation of the Noble Theatre’. Apart from preserving the theatre’s continuity, the research is testing the possibility of introducing technologies in the noble play.

In addition, it is also to introduce and promote Bangsawan to the younger generation. The play is estimated to run about 120 minutes.

In a statement released by Unimas, the play which is theme on ‘humanity and harmony’ is suitable for all ages. The play would have five chapters and three ‘extra turn’ segments complimented by eight different dance routines from various generations.

The theatre would be presenting 16 actors and 50 ‘extra turn’ dancers helped by 40 crews from the artistic and management department.

The Theatre Bangsawan is part of the nearly 140 year-old Malay theatre genre.

The Parsian theatre which was brought to Tanah Melayu (Penang) in the 1870s by Indian merchants influenced the birth and development of the theatre. Generally, Bangsawan has gone through a few changes in line with the development and change of its surrounding factor.

It was once among the popular theatre in the old Tanah Melayu community during its hey days around the 1910-1935. The theatre then suffered in the 1940-1950s and entered its preservation stage since the 1970s.

Although the preservation effort of the theatre is supported by the government through various policies and fund channelling, the theatre unfortunately still fails to earn a place among the theatre enthusiast, let alone the public.

Now, Bangsawan is seen more as a performance arts artifact which was only learned in the public higher learning institute (IPTA) or seen staged once in a while to fulfill the activity calendar requirements of the cultural agencies both at the state and federal level.

Unimas students from various faculties will be auditioned to form a production team. Among the interesting aspect in the play is a selection of the thrust stage to play Bangsawan which is synonym with the proscenium theatre.

The director however, would be keeping other basic Bangsawan theatre format such as ‘Tasmat’ and the ‘Lagu tarik nasib’ in the play.

The university also posed several questions to the public.

Admittance is free but limited to available seats.

The production team is welcoming the public to celebrate this theatre occasion.

The music director for ‘bangsawan’ is Dr Hasnizam Abdul Wahid.

Songs were composed by Drs Yoesbar Djailani.

Extracted from The Borneo Post

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