Principal's Message

It Assalamualaikum wbr and Greetings to all,

College life, most people say, is one of the most memorable moments of one’s life. How those moments are shaped, however, depend on how far you are willing to involve yourself. I dare Allamanda residents to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create something worth treasuring.

Get yourself involved in as many activities as possible, without sacrificing your studies. The key is to work smart and study smart.

Take the opportunity to acquire and develop your soft skills; the skills you will need to take into the real world once you walk out of the university gates. Explore life from different perspectives, get to know your college community, and get yourself involved in new positive experiences. That's what student life is about. It is my hope that when you leave this college and the university, you would have become a more positive, confident, and responsible person -- an asset to the community and our nation.

Our college calendar is filled with many student activities, conducted at both the college and university levels. I am proud of the commitment and enthusiasm shown by our residents and the college management. I hope such attitudes will remain our greatest strength, deeply rooted among our residents (and future residents) and the college management team.

In my capacity as the Principal, I will focus on the four core issues::

  • Infrastructure and facilities
  • Management system
  • Student welfare
  • Staff welfare

Let us work together to make things happen. By pooling together our effort and energy, combined with creative and innovative ideas, I am sure our college is capable of achieving anything that we dream of. Teamwork should be the key. Everyone in Allamanda should work as a team, regardless of our background, culture, or religious belief. We will exploit our diversity to create a truly colourful and wonderful living environment for all of us.

Drs Muhamad Sophian
The Principal of Allamanda College
Allamanda College, UNIMAS